Further training

Our employees investigate new trends, ascertain the need for further training in a specific market and use this information to devise cutting-edge training events. In doing so, they can count on the support of a network of highly-respected experts.

Quality makes a difference
We engage experienced trainers and instructors, some of whom are international experts. All our events take place in exclusive and modern conference hotels. The attention to detail of the conference organisation and the skilled service team ensure a professional and pleasant learning environment at the venue.

Specialists under one roof
Jotron Consulting Limited Germany bundles its professional skills and industry knowledge to focus on the need for further training in a specific market or specific line of business.

Diversity / Flexibility
The guiding principle of our instructors and trainers is to impart as much information as possible, because knowledge is an advantage, and an advantage means profit. We offer training in IT-related project management areas, which is based largely on the principles and guidelines of PMI (Project Management Institute).
We can provide in-house training or can accompany you as personal trainers on your project. The learning curve in personal training in particular is much steeper than that of conventional seminars. “Learning by doing” is not a cliché for us – it is a fact of life.