About us

At Jotron Consulting Limited, we do not provide off-the-shelf solutions. Each client is entitled to a unique solution that perfectly matches the competitive environment of the client. This is why we continue to probe when others would already believe to have found the answers. We look more closely and try to establish the root cause of the problem. Only then it is possible to formulate a superior and convincing strategy. We call this the "Root View".

Good ideas can take you a long way. For example, what begins as a small back street start-up can become a global service provider. We believe that this only happens if Jotron Consulting Limited can establish an environment together with the client that allows good ideas to flourish.

Our expertise in all key sectors and areas stems from the knowledge exchange in our global network, from our clients, and from the creative and knowledgeable minds that make up Jotron Consulting Limited.

To turn a strategy into a competitive advantage, the company itself has to become the vehicle of change. Challenging peoples’ habits and changing familiar structures often requires breaking the mould, and this is not always easy. However, since we accompany the entire process from the beginning to its successful implementation, we are more than just consultants – we are partners.